Friday, 25 March 2011

2. I can sing a rainbow-Jil Sander

so continuing my count of 10 i shall move on. This spot just had to go to Jil Sander, aka Raf Simons the apostle of minimalism, who just made my fashion year with the spring/summer 2011 collection. It made me scream like a queer at a cher tribute ! Lets face it its simple, chic, summery and the silhouette is outta this world.
The collection is just picture postcard beauty, it reminded me of the 1940/50 s photographer Erwin Blumenfeld. Also the Jackson Pollock film Pollock , and the women he has an affair within the film, has that beauty, despite her looks, shes a bad influence, so theres a darkness to her aswell.

The collection is characterized by a stunning line up of contrasting silhouettes. There was a series of XXL skirts with unadorned , attached T shirts while leggy pants were half hidden beneath masculine overcoats and parkas. Equally masterful was his vast dressed weightlessly patterned with stripes or huge blossoms. Simons's audacious use of colour took on a jaw-dropping dimension, where blocked blues, greens, pinks, oranges, yellows and whites set a tone of absolute elegance pure and simplistic  !

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