Friday, 25 March 2011

Lets start with menswear.....

Since recently all that's been going through my mind is menswear, cause of uni and well just my basic shopping habits.
1. has anyone else noticed the new 'Man Waist' . Well there's something afoot in the world of mens bodies. The focus has shifted. Downwards. Not too far, mind. Just far enough. The collective gaze has turned to the waist. It was there on the runway, starting in Milan, with Calvin Klein. Out came some hot boys in what id like to refer to as urban sportswear. Shorts and tops in various techno fabrics. but what really caught my attention was the length of the tops. They were cropped!   

The sudden lack of fabric covering made us sit up straighter and take notice. The waists on show were magnificent. Who knew a glimpse of midriff could feel so fresh ?

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