Thursday, 3 November 2011


Female musicians with endearing voices and an acoustic guitar seem to be dime a dozens these days. Standing out from the crowd, Lucy Rose is the talented London based artist with Bombay Bicycle Club as her biggest fans.
Hailed as one to watch by several major publications, her addictive voice and powerfully close to home lyrics have many watching her every footstep. Self-releasing her own material with a further two singles recorded with Charles Watson of Slow Club, the future seems bright.
A quiet yet comical and clear-headed young musician, Lucy Rose is beginning to see the rewards of hard work and dedication to her art. Currently touring with Ben Howard and looking forward to releasing her debut album next yet, Lucy Rose’s simperingly seductive voice and talent across an array of instruments will see her far.
How would you describe your sound, and what inspires you when you write?
I find it so difficult to describe my sound, I like to think that it’s cinematic, but probably somewhere around acoustic/folk/pop. Everything inspires me to write music, but I do find it hard when I’m busy to write, the best time is alone with no plans or things to worry about.
You’ve mentioned that you only write about personal experiences, have you ever found it hard to share your intimate thoughts with an audience?
Every time I write a new song, I find it really difficult to play it for the first time to an audience because I immediately feel vulnerable. But I believe the best songs are the most honest.
You are on tour at the moment, how is it all going?
I’ve been on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club for over 2 weeks now. It’s our final show at Brixton Academy tonight, which I’m supporting as well, so I’m really excited. Touring is brilliant, I have always loved it. I start touring with Ben Howard tomorrow as well, so I feel very lucky at the moment.
Is there anywhere in particular you have enjoyed playing, or look forward to playing?
I really enjoyed playing Bestival this year. It was a really special gig. I’m definitely looking forward to playing in Ireland.
You’ve been getting a lot of exposure recently, has there been any moments that have stood out and if so which?
I try not to look at the things written about me but I was really pleased that my song went to number 5 in the hype machine.
You started out by self releasing and gigging a lot, what can you tell us about this experience and how it has shaped you as a musician?
I’m still self-releasing my music and gigging a lot. Nothing has changed there. I think it’s important to do a lot of the work yourself and play lots of shows. Word of mouth is very important and I’m very much relying on that at the moment.
You first made a name singing on Bombay Bicycle Clubs ‘Flaws’, how did you find that experience?
I was friends with BBC at this point and Jack had just invited me to his house to sing some music with him. Then we starting recording a song in his bedroom and that became ’Flaws’.
Laura Marling also started out in this way with Noah and the Whale, would you say that she is an inspiration to your music, and if so in which way?
Laura Marling is an amazing musician. I haven’t got any of her albums yet, but I know I’d love them.
You can play quite a few different instruments, which is your favourite and why?
It used to be the drum-kit but recently starting playing bass, which I’m loving!
On your website you have ‘Builders Grey Tea’ as a merch item, what was the idea behind it?
I love tea! Every time I made a cup of tea, I’d put an Earl Grey and English Breakfast teabag in the teapot to bet a blend of them both (it’s best that way). So I thought I’d make my own brand of this tea and see if anyone else liked it.
Your second single is out in physical format next month, is there a debut album on the cards?
I really hope so, that’s pretty much the dream - to be able to record an album. I’m hoping to get started in January.

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